Cancel culture? Why the Terminator and Charlie’s angels remakes/sequels flopped… And Vancouver’s Eastside Culture Crawl

The Broken English podcast discusses cancel culture and remakes

Bola and Hugo touch on the oddities with the Jeffrey Epstein “suicide” and Prince Andrew’s responses as well as our views on what is now described as “cancel culture,” its nuances and revisionist approaches to older television and cinema in the light of modern culture’s evolution. There’s also some praise given by Bola about Vancouver’s Eastside […]

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The Broken English Podcast on Movie Reboots, Film Remakes and Franchises, Movie Industry vs Business

Bola proclaims how sick he is about the modern trend of movie reboots, movie remakes and franchises as he and Hugo discuss aspects of the movie industry vs the movie business. They don’t entirely agree… Also discussed is Hugo’s disdain for laugh tracks and their view on the TV show “Package Deal.” Check out […]

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