Castigation original screenplay


Castigation original screenplay


The Castigation movie screenplay revolves around Baraka Commos, a religious Wyomingite who punishes the state’s sinners in an atypical manner whilst trying to marry his betrothed.

Castigation is a Broken English Films production about a heavily religious man that believes we should repent for our sins in a very distinct way; offering our flesh to our fellow man. The caveat is that he doesn’t encourage people to offer, he does the offering for them.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. 2019.

Written by: Hugo Lunny

Closest genre: Horror

Reminds readers vaguely of: “Hostel,” “Saw,” “Bone Tomahawk” & “Bonnie and Clyde”

Ideal for fans of twisted small town horror films.

Length: 145 pages (variable depending on the screenplay book’s format)

Logline: Four friends try to escape the wrath of a psychopath when they fail to bring the wedding they were paid to plan to fruition.

Tagline: Politeness isn’t personality.

Show category: Feature film

Synopsis: To the general public Baraka Commos is a considerate and polite man working in the deli department of the local supermarket. The locals know he has a side business selling the state’s rarely found and fabled Jackalope meat to assorted restaurants and supermarkets and has made a decent living for himself, enabling him to take care of his fiancé, Genna Adderley.

In the Cheyenne community where they live Baraka and Genna are widely respected people of faith but their truths are less palatable as they run amok taking God’s laws into their own hands. If they see people’s behaviours as inappropriate in “his eyes” they kidnap and castigate those offenders with dire consequences.

Having had their first wedding attempt fail miserably the two become excited upon meeting their prospective wedding planner and her co-working friends. This changes when the wedding day comes as Baraka and Genna are forced to decide that the wedding planners must repent.

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