The Eternal Sleep


The Eternal Sleep


An eccentric neuroscientist tries to find out whether we can stay alive in our dreams if we die in our sleep.

The Eternal Sleep showcases an eccentric neuroscientist trying to find out whether we can stay alive in our dreams if we die while sleeping.

  • Written by: Hugo Lunny
  • Closest Genre: Science fiction / Drama
  • Reminds readers of: Inception, The Science of Sleep
  • Ideal for fans science fiction, relationship dramas and thrillers.
  • Length: 200 pages (variable depending on the screenplay book’s format)
  • Tagline: If you die in your sleep do you continue living in your dreams?
  • Show category: Feature film

The Eternal Sleep original screenplay

Synopsis/backstory: We all wonder what happens after the final closing of our eyelids, neuroscientist Dr. Jacquelyn Walsh is no different. The only thing that could separate her from your average person is rather than the traditional view most people have of death being a passage into another higher realm, Jacquelyn believes it’s actually just a continuation we visit on a nightly basis. She claims to know that dreams are in actual fact eternal life and that we already know where heaven and our souls reside – our minds.

Despite rampant cynicism from colleagues in her field, the specialist is hellbent on testing and researching her theories. She has been evaluating sleep for many years at an institute her grandfather started but as the years have gone by the sleep testing has expanded. She has now reached a point where she feels she has a grasp on this theory and looks to enlist eager sycophants to help her take those goals to fruition.

Set in New York City in 2010, The Eternal Sleep straddles the questions of life after death and the moral choices individuals can make about their own lives.

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