The Strangers of Santiago original screenplay


The Strangers of Santiago original screenplay


The Strangers of Santiago is a Broken English Films production about a building manager desperate to escape her job during a gang war as the building she manages houses one of the warring gangs.

The Strangers of Santiago is a Broken English Films production centred around a building manager’s attempt to leave her job managing an apartment building housing members of an organized crime family.

Santiago, Chile. 2015.

Written by: Hugo Lunny

Closest genre: Organized crime drama

Reminds readers vaguely of: “Goodfellas,” “High Rise”

Ideal for fans of dark stories in distinctive locations.

Length: 120 pages (variable depending on the screenplay book’s format)

Logline: In order to reclaim her safety and sanity a building manager attempts to leave her job managing a gang’s apartment building.

Tagline: Privacy doesn’t exist if someone else has keys.

Show category: Feature film

Synopsis: Kasia Pomes is a Polish immigrant in her mid 50s living in Santiago managing an apartment building for an organized crime syndicate. Bitter about the many years she has put in she now wants out but isn’t “allowed” and so she’s forced to find a way to change that.

It’s not just the length of time that she’s worked there, it’s how dangerous her living situation has become. A gang war has escalated and her building is a prime target. The problem is the gang she looks after, the Nieznajomi, won’t simply let her leave. She’s too valuable, loyal and trusted.

Her centrally located building is a crime haven. It’s a second home for the crime syndicate’s members when they can’t get back to their real residences and lives. The Strangers of Santiago or the Nieznajomi are illegal immigrants that have been brought over to help in the operations in exchange for a new life.

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