Standing above the Reichstag

Standing above the Reichstag
The drop alongside where he’s walking is pretty scary. Aside from the drop, amazingly designed.

Standing above the Reichstag is a surreal experience for a tourist, and I can imagine for a German too. Having not planned to try the food at the cafe above the government building, experiencing the outing as a surprise was an amazing treat.

Our friends and hosts took our personal information (for which we didn’t understand the purpose) and submitted it in advance in order for us to be on the guestlist to enter the secure and pre-screened area before enjoying a slice of randomly selected cake to be consumed within a specific window of time, pre-allocated and allegedly strictly enforced.

Like every other image in this collection, remember that if an image is worth 1000 words or if a picture is worth a thousand words, write 1000 words. There’s your prompt, imagine something happening in the area above.

Una imagen vale más que mil palabras.

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