Associated Problems – Behind The Screenplay

Associated Problems

The “Associated Problems” screenplay sees Frank Dover, a chef and restaurateur who has been running his restaurant in Toulouse, France, for many years. His restaurant was once successful and popular, but in 1992, the economy took a downturn, and the changing seasons affected his business. His restaurant has been struggling to attract customers, and he is facing financial difficulties.

Frank is a hardworking man who has dedicated his life to his restaurant, and the thought of losing it fills him with despair. He is trying his best to keep it afloat, but the mounting pressure is taking a toll on him.

One night, three men come to his restaurant and perceive it as a bustling eatery, despite the situation being far from its normal customer flow. They see an opportunity to take advantage of Frank’s desperation and plot to steal from him. These men might be outsiders or people from Frank’s past who hold a grudge against him.

Associated Problems writing playlist:

  1. SQÜRL – Magic Hour
  2. Funki Porcini – A Serious Understanding of the Gearbox
  3. Trigg & Gusset – Last Known Spy
  5. William Basinski – Tear Vial
  6. Ocoeur – Glow
  7. Anoushka Shankar – Dissolving Boundaries
  8. Pink Sweat$ featuring 6LACK – Midnight River
  9. Josin – The Bottom Line – Live From Home
  10. Black Chamber – Other Days
  11. The Gentleman Losers – There Will Come Soft Rains
  12. Christian Löffler – Pastoral
  13. Zamilska – Fragile
  14. Holger Czukay – Longing for Daydreams
  15. GAS – Königsforst 5
  16. Fire! Orchestra – Blue Crystal Fire
  17. Lauren Auder – in god’s childlike hands
  18. Kiasmos – Blurred – Sven Helbig Rework
  19. E.VAX – Karst
  20. Jamie Isaac – Made
  21. MJ Cole – Cathedral
  22. Cobra Man – Welcome to Earth
  23. The Radiophonic Workshop – The Stranger’s House
  24. Seefeel – Rough For Radio – Peel Session
  25. Burial – Upstairs Flat
  26. Truth Enola – Voicestress
  27. Fat Boys – Can You Feel It
  28. Styn – White Tea
  29. David Darling – Indiana Indian
  30. The Glitch Mob – Animus Vox – Ambient Version
  31. Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You into the Dark
  32. Michael Giacchino – The Batman

Story Inspiration

The inspiration for “Associated Problems” came from real-life experiences of restaurant owners struggling to keep their businesses alive or from stories of crime and theft in the hospitality industry. The film explores themes of desperation, betrayal, and the lengths people go to in order to survive. It also sheds light on the vulnerability of small business owners and the importance of community support in times of crisis.

You can learn more about the Broken English production of Associated Problems by clicking the underlined link.

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