The Beast Of The Moors – Behind The Screenplay

The Wulver

Title: “The Beast Of The Moors”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: “The Beast Of The Moors” transports us to the enchanting Shetland Islands, where the mystical creature resides.

Within the secluded beauty of the Shetland Islands, a creature of myth and wonder, The Wulver, lives hidden from the world. Part wolf and part human, The Wulver roams the untamed wilderness, bearing the curse of his dual nature.

Contrary to local legends that depict him as a fearsome beast, The Wulver possesses a heart of gold, harboring an innate kindness and compassion for all living beings. His existence remains a secret, unknown to the inhabitants of the nearby village.

One fateful day, the path of The Wulver intersects with that of Isla, a spirited and adventurous young woman from the village. Drawn by an unseen force, Isla stumbles upon The Wulver’s sanctuary, discovering his true nature.

As they cautiously get to know each other, an unexpected bond forms between The Wulver and Isla, transcending their apparent differences. Unbeknownst to them, the village faces a grave peril, and The Wulver’s mystical nature might be the only hope to save their home.

As the villagers grapple with fear and misunderstanding, Isla must decide whether to reveal The Wulver’s existence, risking everything to protect the creature she has grown to care for deeply.

Love, acceptance, and sacrifice intertwine as Isla and The Wulver embark on a journey that challenges societal norms, forging a bond that goes beyond appearances. Together, they must confront prejudice, fear, and the darkness that threatens to engulf their world.

“The Beast Of The Moors” is a heartwarming and magical adventure that reminds us that true beauty lies not only in outward appearances but in the depths of one’s soul.

The Beast Of The Moors

The Beast Of The Moors writing playlist:

  1. Home Again – Michael Kiwanuka
  2. I Don’t Want To Play In Your Yard – Peggy Lee
  3. hideous – mehro
  4. Chain Gang – Sam Cooke
  5. Murdergram – Streets Is Watching/Soundtrack Version – Murder Inc.
  6. Soft Shell – Motherlode
  7. Believer – Live/Acoustic – Imagine Dragons
  8. Angel from Montgomery – John Prine
  9. At the Hotel – Eunice Collins
  10. Mother Sky (from Deep End) – CAN
  11. World of Squares – Nils Frahm
  12. i can’t control my head – Lo-Fang
  13. New Era – Big Bout, Litany, Kacy Hill, Tei Shi, Sevdaliza, Kilo Kish
  14. Want You – Mansur Brown
  15. We Contain Multitudes — piano reworks – Yiruma, Ólafur Arnalds
  16. Inward Road – Aukai, Anne Müller
  17. Mitomania – Błoto
  18. Benoego – Don Cherry
  19. In Tune [Feat. Amir Sulaiman] – Robert Glasper, Amir Sulaiman
  20. Portrait of Tracy – Jaco Pastorius, Mathieu Desy
  21. Epistrophy – Theon Cross
  22. Love Speakeasy – Reflection Eternal
  23. Get It Together – Beastie Boys, Q-Tip
  24. Masculinity – Samora Pinderhughes, Immanuel Wilkins
  25. The Smoke – The Smile
  26. Blue Moon – Beck
  27. Doris – Khruangbin, Leon Bridges
  28. Quiet Corners Of My Mind – Romare
  29. Maybe Tomorrow – Grant Green
  30. Living in America – SAULT
  31. Rue The Whirl – Boards of Canada
  32. Dael – Autechre
  33. Gorilla Lion Hyena – Cam’ron, Mase, Jadakiss
  34. The Limit – DARKSIDE
  35. I Feel Like I’m Blue – Léa Sen
  36. Next Stop – Portico Quartet
  37. Cruising – Bendik Giske
  38. Berceuse – Felix Rösch
  39. Wetlands – SUSS
  40. Bodo – Mamman Sani
  41. The Sinking of the Titanic – Gavin Bryars
  42. 5e livre de viole: Prélude en harpègement: rondement – Marin Marais, Sophie Watillon, Friederike Heumann, Xavier Diaz-Latorre, Luca Guglielmi

Story Inspiration

Alienation. Condemning the unknown. Using something you don’t understand as a scapegoat.

You can learn more about the Broken English production The Beast Of The Moors by clicking the underlined link.

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