Tom Cruise gets a COVID pass? The Last of Us II’s rabid fans and more – The Broken English Films Podcast

The Broken English Podcast discusses Tom Cruise getting a COVID pass

Tom Cruise gets a COVID pass? Apparently. Hugo and Bola discuss the UK allowing A-list actors, crew and their entourage being allowed easier access to the UK without quarantining like every other American entering the country. The justifications behind that ruling and whether it makes sense or not.

They also discuss the deluded passions and insanity of rabid fans when it comes to the art they love, in particular referencing a voice actress that has received threats on her life because of the character she voices in “The Last of Us Part II.” We touch upon the disappointments that “Game of Thrones” brought and briefly on how great “Homeland” is.

As well as “The Naked Director,” “Athlete A” and “Unsolved Mysteries.” We also speak about Bizzy Bone and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony for a bit.

Oh, and Ghislaine Maxwell.

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