A Story In Paris – Behind The Screenplay

A Story In Paris

I’m sure you’ve heard the assertions that once upon a time Native Americans and other peoples believed that photos were thieves of individual’s souls. That by dint of what they did and their reproduction something was being stolen from the spiritual world. “A Story In Paris” shows that their beliefs weren’t wrong, but ahead of their technological time.

A Story In Paris writing playlist:

  1. Alain Goraguer – Strip Tease
  2. Maud Lübeck – À deux
  3. Chocolat – Une introduction inutilement complexe
  4. Maxime de Wilde – C’est quand
  5. Jimmy Hunt – Christian Bobin
  6. Lou-Adriane Cassidy – Bonsoir
  7. Malik Djoudi – Douleur
  8. Fabio Viscogliosi – Odyssée
  9. Château Forte – À moitié chiens
  10. Marion Rampal – D’autres soleils
  11. Laurence-Anne – Géo
  12. Charles Aznavour – La bohème
  13. Serge Gainsbourg – Baudelaire
  14. Maruja – The Tinker
  15. The Heliocentrics – Made of the Sun
  16. Françoise Hardy – Mon amie la rose
  17. Moin – Right is Alright, Wrong is to Belong
  18. Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp – Be Patient
  19. La Femme – Va
  20. Juniore – Je me suis fait tout petit

Story Inspiration

I take photos walking around any city that I’m fortunate enough to visit. It’s a great pleasure for me, but like many things I do in life, I do things quickly in an effort to soak in all I can. When I take these photos, I don’t spend much time framing, searching for the correct lighting, making sure only the subject is in focus, like the old filmmaker trope always touts, I decide if need be, “I’ll fix it in post.” (Post-production – ie, afterwards).

The pattern I found when reviewing the quickly snapped photos afterwards were the people that inadvertently entered the frame and photobombed my unclear efforts to snap parts of my experience.

This happened a lot in the tourist mecca that is the enchanting city of gay Paris (or gay Paree if you want to strangely spell the term). People go about their business in the phenomenal city with little regard for tourists or photos being taken anywhere. “A Story In Paris,” Thomas Girard and his endeavours, were born shortly after.

You can learn more about the Broken English production of A Story In Paris by clicking the underlined link.

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