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How Great It Was screenplay

Not every love story works out, and that’s not a big deal. In the “How Great It Was” screenplay, Estella White, a Canadian woman, is a tourist visiting Barcelona to escape the stress of her job and the monotony of her daily life. She has always dreamed of traveling and experiencing different cultures but never had the opportunity until now. She spends her days sightseeing and immersing herself in the city’s vibrant atmosphere, hoping to create lasting memories.

On the other hand, Malachi Adams, a Texan, moved to Barcelona a decade ago to start a new life after a series of personal setbacks. He fell in love with the city’s charm, its people, and its way of life. Malachi has managed to build a successful taxi business and has learned to speak Catalan fluently, earning the respect and admiration of his fellow citizens.

The story highlights the beauty of unexpected encounters and the potential for connection and friendship, even between strangers from different cultures and backgrounds.

The chance encounter between Estella and Malachi could lead to a deeper understanding of each other’s lives and cultures, and perhaps even a meaningful relationship. The story could explore themes of love, friendship, and the transformative power of travel.

How Great It Was writing playlist:

  1. BADBADNOTGOOD – Signal from the Noise
  2. De Leon – B1 – Mixed
  3. Ralph Heidel – HULO
  4. HVOB – 2:16
  5. Funki Porcini – 16 Megatons
  6. Matthew Halsall – Canopy & Stars
  7. Robot Koch – Circle 26 – Tom Ashbrook Rework
  8. Art Feynman – Slow Down – Mixed
  9. Louis Hardin – Symphonique #6 (Good For Goodie) – Instrumental
  10. Chelsea Carmichael – Bone And Soil
  11. Clams Casino – Unknown Tokyo
  12. EABS – Lucifer (The New Sun)
  13. Other Lives – Sound of Violence – Demo Version
  14. Krzysztof Penderecki – 3 Pieces in Old Style: No. 1. Aria
  15. Horsey – Seahorse
  16. Devadip Carlos Santana – Illuminations
  17. J Lloyd – God Forgiving Souls
  18. Web Web – Meskel Flowers (Alternate Version)
  19. Move 78 – Faye
  20. Martin Brugger – Reykjavik Syndrome
  21. Duval Timothy – Through the Night
  22. Leifur James – Circles
  23. David Russel – Capricho Arabe
  24. Branko Mataja – Da Smo Se Ranije Sreli
  25. John McLaughlin – Peace Piece
  26. William S. Fischer – Chains
  27. Kara-Lis Coverdale – Moments In Love
  29. Altin Gün – Ordunun Dereleri
  30. Masayoshi Fujita – Sadness – Carlos Cipa Rework
  31. Ali Sethi – Yakjehti Mein
  32. Arash Safaian – Adagietto – Matthew Herbert
  33. Mediterranean Dub
  34. Natalia Lafourcade – Llévame viento
  35. Sebastiao Tapajós – Estudio Nº 1
  36. Jordi Savall – Prelude (Re Mineur) (Abel)
  37. Portico Quartet – Impressions
  38. Stereolab – Simple Headphone Mind
  39. Googoosh – Ma Be Ham Nemiresim
  40. Nala Sinephro – Space 8
  41. Fritz Kreisler – 3 Old Viennese Dances: No. 2, Liebesleid (Arr. for Theremin & Piano)

Story Inspiration

Walking around balmy Barcelona at night in the summer and watching the night-workers go about their daily routines, “How Great It Was” began to form in my mind. The notion of a random meeting and something developing.

As the sun sets on the captivating city of Barcelona, a transformation occurs, like a veil lifted from the streets. The nocturnal heartbeat quickens, infusing the air with an electric current that crackles through the veins of its inhabitants. Barcelona, the city that never sleeps, embraces the darkness with an unyielding passion.

Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces, like ethereal creatures emerging from a dream, become enchanted under the moon’s gentle glow. The Sagrada Familia stands tall, its spires reaching for the heavens, while the intricate details of Casa Batlló and La Pedrera shimmer and dance in the night. Illuminated by a symphony of lights, these structures become living entities, breathing life into the city’s dreams.

The siren call of the sea beckons, drawing both locals and wanderers to its shores. Along the beachfront, a vibrant tapestry of life unfolds. Bars and clubs open their doors, spilling laughter and music onto the sandy playground. Here, the rhythm of the waves blends with pulsating beats, creating a harmonious cacophony that lures souls into a trance. With the cool ocean breeze whispering secrets, revelers dance under the stars, their feet sinking into the sand, lost in the euphoria of the moment.

In the heart of the city, the Gothic Quarter reveals its ancient secrets beneath a cloak of shadows. Like a time capsule unlocked after dark, its narrow streets wind through history, each step whispering stories of the past. Ancient squares and hidden corners play host to a nocturnal theater, where locals and visitors mingle in search of tapas and libations. The clinking of glasses, the symphony of laughter, and the aroma of sizzling delicacies intertwine, creating an intoxicating ambiance that seeps into the very soul.

Barcelona’s night sky becomes a stage, adorned with an ever-changing performance of music and revelry. From intimate jazz clubs to raucous flamenco shows, the city’s theaters echo with melodies that stir the spirit. Electronic beats pulse through the veins of the night, as festivals and open-air concerts ignite the darkness with a frenzy of energy. It is a symphony of sound that resonates in the hearts of those who dare to venture into the nocturnal embrace.

And amidst this nocturnal celebration, Barcelona’s iconic Ramblas comes alive. Street performers captivate with their otherworldly talents, while artists weave magic on their canvases. The Gothic Quarter, with its labyrinthine streets and hidden squares, becomes a labyrinth of intrigue, enticing adventurers to lose themselves in its enigmatic embrace.

In this city of perpetual revelry, celebrations never cease. Festivals paint the night sky with bursts of fireworks, parades animate the streets, and music fills the air like a potent elixir. La Mercè Festival, Sant Joan, the Festa Major de Gràcia—each event unfurls a kaleidoscope of colors and emotions, enveloping Barcelona in an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

Barcelona at night, under the watchful gaze of the moon, reveals its true nature—a tapestry of magic and mystery. It is a nocturnal playground where dreams come to life, where reality blurs at the edges, and where the boundaries of imagination fade into the darkness. In this realm, Barcelona shines as a beacon, inviting all who dare to immerse themselves in its beguiling embrace.

You can learn more about the Broken English production of How Great It Was by clicking the underlined link.

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