Eventually The Plan Changes – Behind The Screenplay

Eventually The Plan Changes

The Berlin, Germany based “Eventually The Plan Changes” screenplay began as a tale about paternity curiosity and whether or not a lack of feeling in a connection means something or is just a misunderstanding of intuition.

Eventually The Plan Changes writing playlist:

  1. Julia Kent – Last Hour Story
  2. Damian Marley – Welcome To Jamrock
  3. Lamb – Bonfire
  4. Gustavo Santaolalla – The Choice
  5. Scott Orr – The Sound (Instrumental)
  6. Daughter – Witches
  7. Röyksopp – Rising Urge (Lost Tapes) – Original
  8. Röyksopp – Sombre detune
  9. Ólafur Arnalds – momentary – string quartet version
  10. V Don – Appalachian Meeting
  11. Superpoze – L’éveil
  12. James Kenyon – South Australian Border
  13. Four Tet – Anna Painting
  14. SiR – John Redcorn
  15. DeVotchKa – How It Ends
  16. Inwards – Tottertot
  17. BluntOne – Timing
  18. IDLES – Grounds
  19. Paul McCartney, Wings – Band On The Run

Story Inspiration

The complex and emotionally charged relationships that develop between individuals who become parents through casual or non-committed relationships. “Eventually The Plan Changes” explores the idea of identity, responsibility and the lengths that a parent would go to protect, determine, and assert their rights over their child.

Additionally, “Eventually The Plan Changes” touches on themes of trust, betrayal, and the consequences of making impulsive decisions based on incomplete information.

Boots is be driven by a deep desire to understand and connect with his son, even if it means breaking the law or risking his freedom. Their bond doesn’t seem as strong as he’d like and he questions whether or not there is in fact the biological link.

Eventually The Plan Changes movie

You can learn more about the Broken English production of Eventually The Plan Changes by clicking the underlined link.

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