Exaptations – Behind The Screenplay

Exaptations - Behind The Screenplay

The Exaptations screenplay follows Kyron Roundtree, a man who finds pleasure in observing various crimes while snacking. With a heightened sense of intuition, he often investigates them up close.

Although he rarely contacts the authorities unless lives are in danger, he has a track record of successfully forewarning them to prevent crimes.

However, one day, his voyeuristic habit proves to be his downfall when he fails to prevent Salvatore Orig commit a crime against an innocent victim.

Faced with the harsh reality of his inaction, he resolves to pursue the perpetrator who got away, putting himself in danger in the process.

Exaptations writing playlist:

  1. Seefeel – Spangle – Autechre Remix
  2. Akira Kosemura – Hidden Waltz
  3. The Vernon Spring – SK-1
  4. Ralph Heidel – Haut
  5. Dominique Guiot – La Danse Des Méduses
  6. Mustafa – Air Forces
  7. Zimbabwe Legit – Shadow’s Legitimate Mix
  8. Tor – City 66
  9. Poppy Ackroyd – Release
  10. Dawes – Easy/Lucky/Free
  12. Elder Island, letherette – Feral (letherette remix)
  13. Portico Quartet – Winding Snake
  14. The Hics – The Man Who Sold The World
  15. MA.MOYO, Cerys Matthews, Hidden Orchestra – Flame Lily
  16. Planxty – Si Bheag, Si Mhor
  17. Dervish – Last Nights Fun
  18. Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders – Henry’s Piano
  19. Pete Yorn – Elizabeth Taylor
  20. Elvind Aarset, Jan Bang – Purplebright
  21. Marco Parisi – Flying To America
  22. Marco Beltrami, Ceiri Torjussen, Buck Sanders – Trapped
  23. Apparat – Dark Anthem Live In Paris

Exaptations screenplay story inspiration

The Exaptations screenplay is a darkly comedic thriller that explores the mind of Kyron Roundtree, a man with an unusual ability. Kyron finds pleasure in observing various crimes while snacking, using his heightened sense of intuition to investigate them up close.

The story begins with Kyron living his mundane life, working a dead-end job and feeling unfulfilled. However, he finds excitement in his hobby of observing crimes from a safe distance while indulging in his favorite snacks. Kyron has a heightened sense of intuition, which allows him to notice details that others might overlook. He is drawn to the thrill of observing the crimes and imagining the stories behind them.

However, as Kyron becomes more invested in his hobby, he finds himself getting drawn into the world of crime. He begins to investigate the crimes he witnesses up close, using his unique skills and instincts. He finds himself in increasingly dangerous situations, and must use all of his wits and cunning to stay alive.

The Exaptations screenplay is a gripping exploration of the darker side of human nature, and the twisted desires that drive some people to seek out excitement. It is also a tribute to the power of intuition and observation, and the importance of paying attention to the world around us. Oh, and it’s based in Saint John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

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