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The Mirror screenplay

The Mirror screenplay details the life of an arrogant and narcissistic individual traveling around the United States with the express intention of fathering as many children as he can, without having to pay to raise them or maintaining a relationship with their mothers.

The Mirror writing playlist:

  1. The Weeknd – The Hills
  2. The Weeknd featuring Eminem – The Hills – Remix
  3. Control Machete – La Nd
  4. Angie McMahon – Born To Die (piano)
  5. Rone – Esperanza – Club Edit
  6. Mary Lattimore – Til A Mermaid Drags You Under
  7. Henrik Schwarz – CCMYK4
  8. Long Arm – Silent Opera
  9. Philip Glass Ensemble – Knee 5
  10. Capitol K – Landlocked
  11. Louis Cole – My Buick – Live Sesh
  12. Cubicolor – Once Around
  13. Lambert – Gdansk
  14. DJ Krush – Kemuri
  15. Mike Slott – Simple Dreams of Simple Days
  16. Iglooghost – Eœ (Disk•Initiate)
  17. Drab Majesty – A Dialogue
  18. Madlib – Road Of The Lonely Ones
  19. Max Richter – Mirrors
  20. Thys – Charlatan
  21. Clint Mansell – Parnag Fegg
  22. Library Tapes – Branches
  23. Akira Yamaoka – Alone In The Town
  24. 2 Chainz – Wreck (feat. Big Sean)

The Mirror screenplay story inspiration

The Mirror screenplay is a dark and unsettling character study that explores the twisted mind of an arrogant and narcissistic man who travels across the United States with the sole purpose of fathering as many children as possible, without having to pay for their upbringing or maintain any relationship with their mothers.

The protagonist, Adam, is a handsome and charming man who believes that he is entitled to whatever he desires, including a seemingly endless supply of sexual partners. He takes great pleasure in seducing, but has no interest in building a genuine connection or taking responsibility for any children that may result from his actions.

Adam embarks on a dangerous and reckless journey, moving from place to place, sleeping with women, and leaving them behind without a second thought. He fathers dozens of children, all of whom he regards as nothing.

The Mirror screenplay is a searing critique of toxic masculinity and the harm it can inflict on both individuals and society as a whole. It exposes the deep flaws and failings of a man who has lost touch with his own humanity, and who has become consumed by his own selfish desires.

The Mirror screenplay is a powerful and unflinching exploration of the dark side of human nature, and a warning about the dangers of unchecked arrogance and narcissism.

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