The Female Pimp – Behind The Screenplay

The Female Pimp

Every good story has its basis. This is about “The Female Pimp,” the story of Enigma and her role as a Wakaresaseya.

The Female Pimp writing playlist:

  1. Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 – Hidden Qi 隐.气
  2. The Flashbulb – The Fear of Vision
  3. Surprise Chef – Herbie Hemphill
  4. Skúli Sverrisson – Sería
  5. Jamie Paton – Leviathan Aftermath
  7. Carole King – So Far Away
  8. Dal – Fontanel
  9. Omami – Lonely Road
  10. Marconi Union – Akihabara (Electric Town) +
  11. Acid Pauli – Intellijel Bell
  12. Chromatics – Light As A Feather
  13. Mansur Brown – Serene
  14. The Sorcerers – Opening Titles
  15. Rumpistol – Aurolac
  16. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – If We Were Vampires
  17. Para One – Vertigo
  18. Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees
  19. Van Morrison – Glad Tidings – 2013 Remaster
  20. Masayoshi Fujita – Morocco
  21. David le Page – Sleep Softly
  22. Apollo Brown – Kite Strings
  23. СОЮЗ – Тизита
  24. Atmosphere – God’s Bathroom Floor
  25. David Rose – The Stripper
  26. LL COOL J – I Shot Ya – Remix
  27. Maxime de Wilde – Mauvais temps
  28. Apparat – You Don’t Know Me
  29. Maribou State – Tongue
  30. Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love

The Female Pimp

Story Inspiration

I was initially inspired to write this after reading Iceberg Slim’s “Pimp.” Clearly the story of Enigma has very little to do with that tale, but that was the catalyst.

Why a Wakaresaseya and why did I choose to base the story in Japan? Happenstance. I’m a huge fan of the world’s major cities and the diversities they bring, so I chose to take Enigma and station her there to do her business.

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