Untenable – Behind The Screenplay

Untenable screenplay

The Untenable screenplay revolves around the last living Khaldaeon vampire’s pursuit to reproduce and save the species from extinction.

Untenable writing playlist:

  1. Superpoze – Parabel
  2. SAULT – Monsters
  3. Luke Abbott – Tree
  4. Mogwai – Dry Fantasy
  5. John Carroll Kirby – A Pilgrims Trail
  6. Romare – Deliverance
  7. Robohands – We’re From Nowhere
  8. Laurel Halo – Rome Theme I
  9. Divide And Dissolve – We Are Really Worried About You
  10. Antony and the Johnsons – Bird Gerhl
  11. Benny The Butcher and J. Cole – Johnny P’s Caddy
  12. Sheltered – Rhubarb – Aphex Twin Cover
  13. Sarah Neufeld – Stories
  14. Oliver Coates – Honey
  15. Nordmann – Cascade(s)
  16. Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra – Exodus (Excerpt)
  17. Mary Lattimore – Sometimes He’s In My Dreams
  18. CARM – Soft Night
  19. |||||||||||||||||||| – Why She Is Hiding in the Other Man’s Eyes
  20. Tierney Malone – Transmission for Jehn: Gnossienne No 1 (Exclusive Spoken Word)
  21. Omar Apollo – Invincible (feat. Daniel Caesar)
  22. Jon Hopkins – A Gathering Of The Tribe
  23. trentemøller – Church Of Trees
  24. David Holmes – Isn’t It So
  25. RY X – Let You Go
  26. The Beatles – In My Life – Remastered 2009
  27. Inwards – At Height
  28. Roy Blues – Brain Wax
  29. Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 – Hidden Qi 隐.气
  30. Ivy Lab – Teacup
  31. Aaron Diehl – Piano Etude No. 16
  32. Arnold Schoenberg – Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4: III. Pesante (Arr. for String Orchestra by Schoenberg – 1943 Revised Version)
  33. Kurt Foss – Du Er Min Los
  34. Clark – Small
  35. Hiatus – Distancer
  36. Kamaal Williams – Street Dreams
  37. Murcof – Fire Thief
  38. Moderat – Invaluable Waste from the Outlying Districts, Pt. 02
  39. Kirk Knight – Dead Friends
  40. Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
  41. isaac gracie – show me love – acoustic
  42. Billy Preston – Will It Go Round In Circles
  43. A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out (feat. Faith Evans)
  44. Qrauer – Oval
  45. Whodini – Friends
  46. Townes Van Zandt – Waiting Around to Die
  47. Maze – I Need You – Remastered

Untenable screenplay story inspiration

“Untenable” is a poignant tale of unrequited love, marked by a deep and abiding affection. Despite Vladimir’s intense feelings for Marissa, she chose not to be immortalized, leaving him with a sense of profound loss and despair. He now carries the weight of a perceived curse, forever haunted by the memory of the love that he could not have.

The Untenable screenplay is a thrilling romance-horror drama that delves into the world of the Khaldaeon vampires and their struggle for survival. The story revolves around the last living Khaldaeon, on a mission to save his species from extinction by reproducing naturally.

The protagonist, Vladimir, is a centuries-old vampire who has witnessed the decline of his species and the rise of human dominance. He is determined to find a way to save his kind. To do so, he must find a way to reproduce naturally, which is a difficult task for a creature that feeds on blood and is immortal.

Vladimir embarks on a dangerous and complicated journey to achieve his goal. He encounters numerous obstacles and setbacks, including resistance from other vampires who believe that the species should die out. He also faces opposition from humans who seek to destroy him and his kind.

Despite the challenges, Vladimir persists in his quest, driven by his love for his species. He searches for a way to reproduce without relying on the traditional method of turning humans into vampires, which has led to overpopulation and violence in the past.

The Untenable screenplay is a thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of the themes of survival, evolution, and the consequences of our actions. It raises important questions about the relationship between humans and the natural world, and the impact of our actions on other species.

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