Missing Since January – Behind The Screenplay

Missing Since January

In this “Behind the screenplay” post we’re letting you know a little more about the “Missing Since January” screenplay. The story is based in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Taxidermist Basile Wark randomly went missing after a slew of arguments with his boyfriend. He has been missing since January and has now been discovered face down in a shallow grave in a remote forest. The question is how did he get here. Yes, he had a slew of bad debts and his relationship had never been great, but what drew someone to seal his fate this way? And who was it.

Missing Since January writing playlist:

  1. Mark Pritchard – Glasspops
  2. Nosaj Thing – Nightcrawler
  3. Ben Lukas Boysen – Medela
  4. Lorn – PERFEKT DARK
  5. Sarathy Korwar – Juggernaut
  6. Jamie xx – Idontknow
  7. Max Cooper – Resynthesis 3D (Binaural Version – Headphones Only)
  8. Robert Fripp – The Heavenly Music Corporation I
  9. Tony Allen – We’ve Landed – Matthew Herbert’s Absence Dub Remix
  10. Godblesscomputers – Fire in the Jungle
  11. Richard Spaven – 1759 (Outro)
  12. alva noto – A Forest
  13. Andy Stott – Dismantle
  14. Clint Mansell – The Peace Of Manderley
  15. Sophie Hutchings – Orange Glow (Nathan Fake Remix)
  16. Abul Mogard – Half Light of Dawn
  17. Bowery Electric – Without Stopping

Story inspiration

The sad news of consistently hearing that someone has been missing since a certain time inspired the title… The story evolved following that.
It was written against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic crippling the world in 2020 and how someone going missing before this time would have quite the odyssey in being a high priority.

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