The Strangers of Santiago (The Apartment Building) – Behind The Screenplay

The Apartment Building

In this “Behind the screenplay” post, we’re letting you know a little more about “The Strangers of Santiago” screenplay (formerly known as the The Apartment Building screenplay).

Kasia Pomes manages an apartment building in a seedy area of Santiago, Chile. What she witnesses in her day-to-day life has shocked her to the point that she wants out. Now, rather than finding another job, she decides it’s time to have a well-paid retirement, and her repugnant tenants should compensate her for what they’ve subjected her to. She begins secretly recording their activity but fails to take into account exactly how reprehensible and nihilistic her tenants and neighbours actually are.”

The Apartment Building screenplay writing playlist:

  1. Calibre – Colby Park
  2. Hot Sugar – Judgement
  3. J Rocc – Stay Fresh
  4. S.Maharba – Girls In Pearls
  5. Tame Impala – Is It True – Four Tet Remix
  6. Julianna Barwick – Nod
  7. HAAi – Rotating In Unison
  8. Pye Corner Audio – Theme Number Five
  9. Chapelier Fou – Constantinople
  10. fantompower – Murmur
  11. Coldplay – Sparks
  12. The Heliocentrics – The History of LSD
  13. Lil Wayne featuring Drake – She Will
  14. Sufjan Stevens – The Runaround
  15. TVAM – Porsche Majeure
  16. Neptunian Maximalism – Daiitoku-Myōō no Ōdaiko
  17. The Gaslamp Killer – The Cat’s Meow
  18. Drab Majesty – A Dialogue
  19. Ekcle – Jindigo
  20. Radiohead – Reckoner

Story Inspiration

Living in an apartment building and understanding what it means to manage one. Like everything in life, you get to understand how quickly we are very similar, different, and complicated.

I managed a very tall apartment building for a little while, and it seemed far too long. Working a job like that, you understand the dynamic tenants have within their own lives and families, as well as with one another and in their lives in general. We’re all a little strange (that’s being generous). You witness arguments and hear rampant fighting from inside apartment suites in hallways. I applaud building managers who can withstand the toll.

But crime takes place everywhere in society, as do questionable actions. An apartment building hosts the perfect mixture of them, no matter where you live.

The story is set in Santiago because it’s a city I’ve lived in briefly and love. Extremely rich with character. The perfect accompaniment place for Kasia Pomes to go about her life and try to escape her draining daily slog.

The Apartment Building screenplay

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