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The Broken English podcast discusses The Eternal Sleep

Bola and Hugo discuss Hugo’s screenplay and forthcoming film, “The Eternal Sleep.” They also delve into what it means to dream, what dreams are and some personal experiences they’ve had in their own dreams.

The Eternal Sleep’s premise: Set in New York City in 2010, The Eternal Sleep straddles the questions of life after death and the moral choices individuals can make about their own lives. The film revolves around an eccentric neuroscientist trying to find out whether we can stay alive in our dreams if we die in our sleep.

We all wonder what happens after the final closing of our eyelids, Dr. Jacquelyn Walsh is no different. The only thing that could separate her from your average person is rather than the traditional view most people have of death being a passage into another higher realm, Jacquelyn believes it’s actually just a continuation we visit on a nightly basis. She claims to know that dreams are in actual fact eternal life and that we already know where heaven and our souls reside – our minds.

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The writing playlist for The Eternal Sleep (available on Spotify)
1. Soul Music – Bonus Track – Blueprint
2. Springer Ambient – Live – Tosca
3. Ali & Matthias II – M83
4.  Blood – The Middle East
5. White Blank Page – Mumford & Sons
6. Vintern – Tvärvägen
7. Artificial Nocturne – Metric
8. Studio Suicide, 1980 – Tim Hecker
9. Islands – The xx
10. Subtle Art Of The Breakup Song – Cage
11. Holograms – M83
12. Vision – M83
13. The Resurrection Of Scott Mescudi – Edited Version – Kid Cudi
14. Recuerdos del Andar – Gustavo Santaolalla
15. Under Giant Trees – Agnes Obel
16. All I Want – Kodaline
17. Fivefold – Agnes Obel
18. Dr. Katz – Jeff Russo
19. Dead For Two Hours – Patrick Watson
20. Reyja – Ben Frost
21. N.Y. State of Mind – Nas
22. The Well – Lorn
23. Fairy Tale (Bonus Track) – Abel Korzeniowski
24. Session – Linkin Park

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