Behind the screenplay – We Regret Nothing

We Regret Nothing screenplay

In this “Behind the screenplay” post we’re letting you know a little more about the We Regret Nothing screenplay.

We Regret Nothing’s Writing playlist:

  1. Underground Stream – araabMUZIK (from the Electronic Dream album)
  2. Endorphin – Burial (from the Untrue album)
  3. Etched Headplate – Burial (from the Untrue album)
  4. Nasty Silence – Moderat (from the Moderat (Deluxe Version) album)
  5. Black Tin Box – Miike Snow (from the Happy To You album)
  6. Untrust Us – Crystal Castles (from the Crystal Castles album)
  7. Mercenary – Crystal Castles (from the Crystal Castles album)
  8. The Beauty Surrounds – Houses (from the A Quiet Darkness album)
  9. Alone – David Julyan (from the The Descent – Original Film Soundtrack album)
  10. Bleeding Ink – loscil (from the Sea Island album)
  11. Riverside – Agnes Obel (from the Philharmonics album)
  12. Where Is My Mind? – The Pixies (from the Death To The Pixies album)

Story Inspiration

A chilling tale of obsession and manipulation is brought to light in the new documentary “We Regret Nothing.” The film follows the disturbing events that led up to December 14th, 2011, when a self-isolated young man, fueled by a belief in the possibility of eternal life, convinced his followers to donate their blood and ultimately their bodies to his twisted cause.

The documentary explores how unchecked childhood fixations and over-indulgence can lead to unpredictable and dangerous outcomes. The title of the film comes from the cult leader’s mantra, “We regret nothing,” which served as a focal point for the group’s twisted beliefs. Through a series of one-on-one interviews, “We Regret Nothing” delves into the minds of those involved in this shocking case.

Despite the disturbing nature of the events, the story was largely kept out of conventional media due to concerns about copycats and the potential for further harm. Both press and law enforcement agreed that the risks were too great, leaving this tale of manipulation and horror to remain classified until now.

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