Behind the screenplay – Love For Sale

Love For Sale

In this “Behind the screenplay” post we’re letting you know a little more about the “Love For Sale” screenplay.

“Love For Sale” depicts a world where a unique service has emerged allowing people to experience love without the hassles of traditional dating. Clients pay a fee to hire actors who will portray their partners, fulfilling their specific preferences and desires.

As the clients become increasingly invested in the service they begin to develop genuine feelings for the actors. Complications arise as the actors are merely doing their job, and the clients must grapple with their emotions.

Moreover, the actors themselves have their own personal struggles and motives for joining the service. Thus, the boundary between reality and acting becomes increasingly hazy, leading to a complex and intriguing romantic drama.

Love For Sale writing playlist:

  1. Don’t Wait – Mapei
  2. Neglect – Courtney Hartman
  3. The wake-up – How To Destroy Angels
  4. …og lengra – Orchestral Version – Ólafur Arnalds
  5. My One And Only Love – John Coltrane
  6. Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday
  7. No Harm – The Boxer Rebellion
  8. Untold – Alex Banks Remix – RY X
  9. You and I – Caribou
  10. Ochre – Tugrul

The song “My Way Home” by Kanye West featuring Common lyric, “What if love was for sale?” helped inspire the screenplay and subject.

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