Behind the screenplay – Love For Sale

Love For Sale

In this “Behind the screenplay” post we’re letting you know a little more about the “Love For Sale” screenplay.

Love For Sale writing playlist:

  1. Don’t Wait – Mapei
  2. Neglect – Courtney Hartman
  3. The wake-up – How To Destroy Angels
  4. …og lengra – Orchestral Version – Ólafur Arnalds
  5. My One And Only Love – John Coltrane
  6. Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday
  7. No Harm – The Boxer Rebellion
  8. Untold – Alex Banks Remix – RY X
  9. You and I – Caribou
  10. Ochre – Tugrul

The song “My Way Home” by Kanye West featuring Common lyric, “What if love was for sale?” helped inspire the screenplay and subject.

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